TOOLS SET 7 MULTI FUNCTION  9cmh/3cmw/1.5cmd CK307-7 — TOOLS SET 7 MULTI FUNCTION 9cmh/3cmw/1.5cmd CK307-7 BICYCLE TOOLS 3cmh/7cmw/3.5cmd CMB001 BICYCLE TOOLS 3cmh/7cmw/3.5cmd CMB001 —

CUTLERY TOOL 4cmh/18cmw/3.5cmd CK605AL


The M Gifts for Men collection from Border Fine Arts Contemporary Gift is a high quality gift collection combining well-made, useful tools and sleek packaging. Giving a gift of quality ensures your gift will be appreciated; giving a gift that is functional ensures it will be used. Even before you open the box, the sleek matt black packaging, featuring an embossed metallic monogram, ensures that these high-quality multi tools are admired from the moment they are received. Whether you are camping or simply doing projects around your home, this multi-functional tool will be of great assistance whenever you need a fork, knife or spoon.

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